…everybody had a good time…

27 11 2009

Over the years, Macca’s solo renditions of Beatles’ classics have gotten bigger — bloated really — for stadium shows.  All polish, no grit.

But here Paul straps on his guitar and gets after it with his 2009 touring band on the highly underrated Beatles tune “I’ve Got A Feeling.”  This performance has all the balls of the original and retains the feel of a barroom blisterer.  There’s no sense that this was performed by arena-ready hired guns.  It’s as if Paul was back on the roof with the lads.

I’m stunned at how good this rendition is.  There’s one major downside: Abe Laboriel, Jr. (badly) singing John’s middle eight.  Isn’t there a better singer in Paul’s band?


Motown celebrates its 50th anniversary with Detroit gala

22 11 2009

Motown founder, Berry Gordy, Jr., with guests Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Martha Reeves and Kid Rock, among others, celebrated Motown’s 50th anniversary with a downtown Detroit bash.


What fantastic music was made right here in Detroit.

A Hymn

22 11 2009

Maybe it’s the time of year.  Perhaps it’s because of what I’ve been reading lately (church history and apologetics.)  Whatever the reason may be, I’ve been wanting to listen to traditional Christian hymns, mostly the Protestant variety.  I’m very picky and I can’t seem to find what I want on CD or even via internet audio or video.

But then I remembered that a dear friend of mine, Caleb Gilbert, is in a band called the Black House Ceilidh.  BHC put together a Christmas album a few years ago and does several appearances each holiday season.  The band is quite diverse in terms of its influences and style, but leans toward a traditional English and Celtic sounds.

Though not traditionally associated with Christmas, “Come Holy Ghost” is a song in the band’s holiday repertoire, and it fits nicely.  It’s actually the kind of hymn I’ve been wanting to hear, played in a style that I’ve had trouble finding.   Enjoy the video.

“The Beatles Never Broke Up”

19 11 2009

The truth has come out finally.  The Beatles never fully split.  In fact, they put together some tapes known as “Everyday Chemistry.”

Here, for your listening pleasure, is a link to this lost Beatles album.


The Black Crowes “Cabin Fever”

13 11 2009

On November 24, the Black Crowes will release Cabin Fever, the DVD about the making of their recent double live album project, Before the Frost…/Until the Freeze… It looks like a pretty cool DVD, if you like the Crowes.  Here’s the first trailer —

Pirates take the airwaves

12 11 2009

Pirate Radio, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy, opens this weekend.   The film is based on the true story of Wonderful Radio London, a ship-based, offshore British pirate radio station that operated from December 1964 to August 1967.  The floating radio station, also known as Big L, was created to provide popular music to rock-starved British music fans.  Apparently in those days, the BBC, the UK’s state run (monoply) radio and TV, played little rock and roll, creating a demand real radio.

Wonderful Radio London, it seems to me, was something of a precursor to the eventual explosion of FM radio in America, driven by the demand for rock and roll and more artistic forms of music and expression.  The story of Radio London is quite fascinating and there are a few books on the subject.

I do not know how accurate the movie is.  Certainly the soundtrack music doesn’t match the time during which Wonderful Radio London was in operation.  But movie soundtracks are created more for mood and tone — and to sell albums — than for historical accuracy.  Worrying about whether the music fits the period probably misses the larger point of the film.

Check out the trailer.

Crowes go disco

3 11 2009

I finally picked up the Black Crowes’ new album Before the Frost… I’ve not listened to it all the way through yet, but so far I like it a lot.

What really jumped out at me was the song “I Ain’t Hiding.”  My jaw almost dropped when I heard the funk/disco beat and the lyrics about club life in NYC, surrounded by songs awash in their typical southern rock din.

Listening to the Black Crowes do neo-disco took me back to the Rolling Stones work of the late 70’s/early 80’s.  Save for Mick Jagger’s exaggerated falsetto yelps, “I Ain’t Hiding” has a strong “Emotional Rescue” vibe.

It’s a good song.  It’s nice to see the Crowes move out of their musical comfort zone and experiment with other styles.  You can hear the song at the link below.