Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds land in Detroit on Saturday, March 31.

29 03 2012

Our man, Noel Gallagher, and his High Flying Birds, hit the Motor City this coming Saturday.   Their special guest will be Mona, a band that, as yet,  I know nothing about.

I’m so keyed for this show.  For my money, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds is, next to Definitely Maybe, the best album on which Noel has ever appeared.  Yes, I think it even beats out Morning Glory (but only by a nose.)   HFB is the best album I’ve bought in 10 years.  I love it.  Noel’s a great entertainer, in spite of — or maybe because of — his understated stage presence.  He just rocks out.  He sings with soul and emotion and has an underrated voice and presence.  He’s also a better writer than most (despite some occasional goofy, lazy, sloppy lyrics.)



Five Steps

27 03 2012

I would’ve never heard of this song if I hadn’t watched the TV show, “Intervention.”  This is a lovely tune, with a bit of a “Dear Prudence” feel.  It’s well song and nearly flawless in execution.  No, there’s nothing groundbreaking about it, but it’s a nice ballad with a great hook.  It’s a great song for that miserable show.

Well, I’ll be damned

9 03 2012

This is old news but it’s news to me.  Lou Gramm, former lead vocalist of Foreigner, is a Christian and put out a so-called Christian rock album nearly 3 years ago.

I had no idea that he had gone the way of guys like Bob Dylan and Mylon LeFevre.

I’m a Christian but I don’t like most contemporary Christian music or Christian rock.  I find it unsatisfying as music.  If I want music to be part of my spiritual experience, I will listen to old hymns or classical stuff.  But if I want to rock out, I’m going secular all the way… (well, I will on very rare occasions still listen to Stryper.)

Anyway, I was surprised to see this news.