I’ve had several very long-winded About sections on this blog over the last decade. The last time I read the most recent version, I thought to my self, “Who gives a shit?” It felt very…self-indulgent to blather on about why I love music and choose to write about it now and again. As if blogging isn’t self-indulgent enough. I’ve realized I’m probably not as interesting as I once subconsciously imagined myself to be. Oh, I’ll still be writing this stuff when I get the notion, but I will do so in the hope that maybe I’ll see my thoughts later as a snapshot of a few hours of the madness in my head. Still, if you’re here, I hope you take something positive from it; dare I say enjoy it.


3 responses

30 09 2010
greg wilson

Hi, just came across your blog. Thought you might be interested in the ‘Abbey Road’ Living To Music session this Sunday. Check my blog for info:


take Care,


17 03 2018
Noah Sullivan

Who is the writer of this blog?

18 03 2018
Noah Sullivan

hi blogger, would you contact me?

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