Ringo Starr rules out The Beatles’ sons forming a band | News | NME.COM

31 07 2012

http://www.nme.com/news/the-beatles/64586 I’m not convinced there ever was much chance of this happening, but I wouldn’t be completely surprised if some minds were changed by a large enough pile of cash.


This is an “album,” or a “long playing record,” kids.

23 07 2012

My personal feeling about vinyl records is that they are cumbersome, not particularly portable, sound awful when scratched, and generally inferior to compact discs. I know many audiophiles will disagree, but that’s where I stand. Still, there’s nothing like an LP for functional, 3 dimensional musical art. I’m glad vinyl is making a big comeback, for that reason alone. I found this Smokey Robinson & The Miracles album at a pawn shop in Hastings, Michigan, and just had to have it. One, the vinyl is pristine. Two, it’s a nice – though slightly campy – piece of Motown art. Three, you just can’t get albums like this on CD. It seems like all that can be found out there are bad “best ofs” and lousy compilations that have the same 5, 8 songs that always get radio play. I hope to soon give this a spin. I betcha it’s a solid album.

Happy birthday Martha Reeves

18 07 2012

She’s 71 today.