The inimitable Biz Markie

28 05 2012

We heard Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend” on the radio today for the first time in dang near 20 years.   That made me think of my favorite Biz Markie track.  He was originally backed by Beastie Boys, but this version of “Benny and the Jets” is with his — or somebody’s — band.  I love it.


Yet another pop star meets his maker. Rest in peace Robin Gibb.

20 05 2012

I’m not a Bee Gees fan by any stretch, but it is sad to hear of the passing of Robin Gibb.  Barry is now the only living brother Gibb.

It’s nice to see Robin’s no longer suffering. *thumbs up*

“Hot Stuff,” Donna Summer, has died of Cancer

17 05 2012

I always liked Donna Summer despite not caring for disco.  Sadly she has succumbed to cancer.

It’s crazy how many legendary musicians have died in the past several weeks.  I mean no disrespect when I say that rock and pop stars seemed to be dropping like flies, as they say.

For the Duck

14 05 2012

Rest in peace Donald Duck Dunn

Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch aka MCA dead at 47

4 05 2012

I don’t have the time at the moment to discuss this sad situation, but I did want to share the news that Adam Yauch has died.

Beastie Boys have always been favorites of mine — maybe except for the last couple-three albums. Brilliant, fun, funny, talented guys, and Yauch was a great entertainer. He really helped make the Beasties what they were. I hope he is at peace.

A Pax Musica Brittania?

1 05 2012

Pull out of all the metaphors and cliches for this one.  What may have been the greatest ( in terms of vitriol and public attention) rivalry in the history of pop music, Blur vs Oasis, the Gallagher brothers vs Albarn, may have come to end.  OK, it’s not even been an issue for years, but the “end” of which I speak may be, in fact, a new beginning of… wait for it… collaboration.   Yes, you read that right: collaboration.

Noel Gallagher has said he would, hypothetically, collaborate with Damon Albarn.  Mind you, he picked Albarn over Thom Yorke (about whose singing and Radiohead’s music Noel once said, “I’m having it until the little fella starts singing.”)  Noel rightly recognizes that he could make cooler, more upbeat music with Albarn than the guy who Liam Gallagher once called a “miserable ginger dwarf.”

As for Albarn, he’s all but invited Noel on tour in Africa and suggested a collaboration.–2/63549

Blur and Gorillaz mainman Damon Albarn has invited Noel Gallagher to collaborate with him later this year.

Asked if he’d like to collaborate with Gallagher, Albarn said: “Well, why not? He should come on the Africa Express train in September. That’d be a nice chance to collaborate.”

Albarn also admitted that Gallagher and his bandmates handled the fame they experienced at the height of Britpop “a lot better” than he and his colleagues in Blur did.

He said of this: “I never held anything against him, even right in the middle of it. I just kind of admired them in a way; that they were better at handling it all than me. They didn’t seem to get too affected by the bullshit.”

Earlier this year, Gallagher was quoted as saying he’d rather work on new material with Damon Albarn than Radiohead – but also described the Blur man as being “as mad as a box of frogs”.

Speaking to NME, Gallagher said: “If I was gonna make a record, it’d be Damon. For a start, he’s as mad as a box of frogs. Number two, he’d get loads of hip-hop dudes working on it, which itself would be fucking mental. And number three? It would be a better record.”

I like Damon’s music and I love Noel’s.  This would be a fine collaboration, if you ask me.  I think Noel’s right that it would be “mental.”