Henry Rollins tells it like it us

27 01 2012

His music ain’t my style, but Henry Rollins is a cool guy.  He’s got the muscle to back up his talk, too.

You gotta love him looking out for the working people on tour.


Joe Walsh: an unheralded rock legend

24 01 2012

Maybe I give the place too much credit by talking about it, but what the heck.  A guy that needs to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his work outside his most famous group, the Eagles, is Joe Walsh.  Joe Rocks.  Of course, his talent has been recognized since he was an important addition to one of the biggest selling rock bands of all time.   His solo work, or stuff with the James Gang, is, in my ever so humble opinion, vastly more interesting than the Eagles’ music.  It surely rocks harder.

Joe’s also one of the most entertaining guys in rock history.  He’s a great interview; completely hysterical.  It’s impossible not to like him after hearing him for a few minutes doing a radio interview.  Although he’s been clean and sober for years, he still sounds drunk (but makes more sense than a drinker.)

One of my favorite from Joe’s catalog

Rest in peace Etta James

20 01 2012

Sadly, one of the most beautiful singers of the past century has passed on.  I don’t profess to know a lot of her catalog, but like just about everyone else, I love “At Last.”  It’s one of the most incredible vocal performances in popular music that these ears have ever heard.


VH goes acoustic

18 01 2012

and makes a documentary with Roth.  Interesting.



SMiLE (Random Thoughts Part 2)

18 01 2012

A month or more ago, I took disc 1 of The SMiLE Sessions and SmileySmile, mixed the SmileySmile songs in where they seemed to fit with SMiLE, and made a SMiLE-SmileySmile CD.  Where the songs were on both albums, I used only the SMiLE versions (as they are superior, for the most part.) That’s what I’ve been listening to (instead of those other albums separately.)

Ironically, when Brian was in what some believe to be one of the worst periods in his life emotionally and physically, he was fixated on health.  “Vega-tables” was intended for SMiLE and a weaker version made SmileySmile.  It calls for the listener to brush his teeth, walk and get lots of exercise.  Then there’s the happy snippet “I’m In Great Shape.”  “Gettin’ Hungry” is about longing for a woman (and obviously sex), but I can’t help but think Brian was inspired by food.

I wonder where the food and health-themed songs fit in the symphonic tale Brian and Van Dyke Parks were trying to tell.  Maybe — and I’m stabbing in the dark a bit — the food thing goes with the idea that SMiLE’s Americana thing.  After all, Brian would have grown up with the birth of fast food chains and drive-in burger joints.  By the late 60’s, people began thinking of food from a health-conscious point of view.  That food and physical fitness were on the Beach Boys’ minds just as Mike Love was about ready to dive head-first into Transcendental Meditation seems to make sense.

That Paul McCartney is known to have chomped on vegetables during the recording of “Vega-Tables” is perfect considering his later conversion to vegetarianism and (mild) animal activism.

Hey, Wolfie can really shred!

10 01 2012

I had no idea the boy had such skills! He’s really good.  It shouldn’t surprise me given the musical talent in his genes.

After 16 years…

9 01 2012

we finally get a new Van Halen-David Lee Roth song.   “Tattoo” debuts tomorrow.  Preview clips were available online, but UMG has pulled them all due to copyright.

Here’s the purported track listing for the new album which will be released in a month.

01. Tattoo
02. She’s The Woman
03. You and Your Blues
04. China Town
05. Blood and Fire
06. Bullethead
07. As Is
08. Honeybabysweetiedoll
09. The Trouble With Never
10. Outta Space
11. Stay Frosty
12. Big River
13. Beats Workin’