Another Beatles unreleased track has surfaced: Revolution 9 (alternate mix)

2 03 2009

This is definitely different than the White Album version of  “Revolution 9” but not drastically different.

Questions abound as to the legitimacy of this as a genuine Beatles take/mix or whether it is an “outfake.”


The video is gone, but you can listen to “Revolution 1” Take 20 here

25 02 2009

Ahh, the internet.  Try as they might, the mighty corporate giants of the world can’t keep stuff off the internet once it finds its way onto it.

EMI had youtube pull the “Revolution 1” leak, but other websites have very good quality audio versions.  Here’s one.  Listen and enjoy.


The newest development in the “Revolution 1” leak story

24 02 2009

Many of you know that yesterday an alleged previously unreleased version of “Revolution 1,” take 20 to be exact, was “leaked” onto the internet and caused something of a firestorm.

I doubted the authenticity of this thing as a Beatles mix.  Sure, it is Beatles music and incorporates elements of both the released “Revolution 1” and “Revolution 9.”  My suspicion was, and still is, that this “newly discovered” Beatles take is a modern mash-up.

But, EMI has pulled the video from youtube.  Perhaps that is only because the mpeg includes, at least in part, previously released material.  But, perhaps it’s because take 20 is authentic.  Why would EMI worry if this were nothing more than a mash-up?

Hmmm. Wondering.

Brian Wilson Presents Smile — Brilliant!

25 01 2009

brianwilson-smileSmile might be the greatest album never released.  Or, more accurately, it may be the best album to take 38 years to be released.  Even Axl Rose doesn’t sit on projects that long.

I got my hands on MP3s of Smile maybe 12 years ago.  I also got the Beach Boys box set that had some Smile stuff in it.  Someday I’ll write about the album (as a Beach Boys release) but suffice it to say, it is amazing.  It’s quirky, odd, almost avant garde.  It’s definitely trippy and might have been a huge flop had it seen the light of day in 1967.  There again, it could’ve given Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band a run for its money.  We’ll never know.  [If you really want to know more about Smile, just google it.  There are dozens of websites about it.]

It’s really hard to get me to pay much attention to old bands retreading their old material (e.g. The Who doing a Quadraphenia tour or the annual Stones tour on the strength of 35 year old songs.)  So, when Brian Wilson Presents Smile was released a few years back, I completely ignored it.  One, I assumed Brian could no longer sing.  Two, it wasn’t a Beach Boys release.  Three, I figured that I already had Smile as it should have been released.  I was happy with my bootlegs.  But I saw this disk at the library the other day and it called to me.

The most simple way to sum up my feelings about this album is that it is brilliant!  Throw whatever positive adjectives you want at it, they all work; great, fantastic, stupendous, tremendous, awesome, amazing, etc.  If you like the Beach Boys (or just quirky music) run to the store and get it.

Many of the songs on Smile were sung by Carl Wilson, probably the best singer of the Wilson brothers.  Carl, sadly, passed away years ago, thus, Brian had to be the vocalist.  Even deaf in one ear, he nailed the songs.  Unlike some of his contemporaries, his voice is still in tact, and it seems natural to hear the songs sung by him.

His back-up band is dynamite.  They do everything vocally the Beach Boys did on the original Smile.  Musically Brian Wilson Presents Smile is nearly identical to Smile as it can be found in bootleg form. [EDIT — I CHANGED THE FOLLOWING TO REFLECT THE FACTS I’VE LEARNED AND SOMETHING OF A CHANGE OF HEART] The most glaring change was to the choruses of “Good Vibrations.”  Brian brought back the original Tony Asher-penned lyrics to the song, replacing his cousin, Mike Love’s re-writes.  I personally don’t like the changes, but I like them better than when I originally wrote this.  I also don’t like Mike Love, so anything that sticks it to him is fine by me.

If you’re still reading this post, stop and go over to or wherever you like to buy music and pick up this one.  Tell ’em I sent ya.

It shoulda made the cut

8 01 2009

I’m peeved that this song didn’t find its way onto Dig Out Your Soul.  It’s as good as anything on that album and good enough to have been one of the best songs on any of their albums.  But it was left seemingly unfinished.  At least it leaked onto the ‘net last May so we can enjoy it.

Hopefully it will turn up on a CD single or EP.

I’ve been writing about Oasis a lot!  If you read my blog regularly you’ll eventually see that I like more than 1 or 2 bands.