The White Stripes Split

3 02 2011

The White Stripes, it was officially announced yesterday, are no more.  If they’re telling the truth, the split is to preserve the duo’s memory as it was.  I guess they’d rather go out on top (kind of like the Beatles) than put out 2-3 more albums while their hearts are no longer in it.

I have a few of their albums and must admit I like what they did.  As a Detroiter, it was great to see their success.  They caused something of a Detroit rock revival when they broke really big in the mid 00’s.  It seems their success also reawakened interest, locally if not nationally, in the seminal Detroit rock bands like the Stooges and the MC-5.  All share a similar energy and dirty, garage-y feel.

Godspeed to Meg and Jack.