Everybody – including Mischa Barton – is on the run…in their undies.

26 06 2012

Noel Gallagher’s people musta talked Mischa Barton, and some lad, into running through LA in leopard print underwear. It’s a slightly quirky, oddly amusing video for a better-than-average song.  In fact, it’s a dang good tune.  The other good news is that if Noel’s music career completely tanks, he can fall back on driving a cab.



I’m afraid to admit it, but…

16 06 2012

there is one pop artist that is immensely popular now that I think has a boatload of talent and genuine soul: Bruno Mars.

Does he sing the kind of songs I generally like?  No.  One of my gripes, though, about the vast majority of the pop mega-stars of the last 10-15 years — beyond the songs being shallow and sounding the same — is that many don’t seem genuine.  They seem manufactured.  They’re, quite often, pretty people with as much musical sincerity and credibility as The Monkees.  Producers have been drowning them in Auto-Tune, either because they can’t really sing or to give them the same sound as the rest of their peers.

Bruno, to me, seems to be the exception.  To be clear, I’m not saying his songs stand up to the works of these guys, but when I hear him I get a Smokey Robinson or even Marvin Gaye vibe.  I think, “Hey, this guy really frickin’ sings!”  I think there’s a bit of that in Kelly Clarkson as well, but this guy, I think, is the best to come along in the last few years.