How’d they get away with this one?

31 07 2009

Since they broke big in 1994, Oasis has never been able to escape a rap that they, truth be told, played to the hilt: stealing from the Beatles.  I’ve got all of Oasis’ stuff, save a few of the b-sides and remixes from the Dig Out Your Soul, and I tend to think the Beatles-Oasis thing is way overstated and isn’t very accurate.

A rap that I think the Gallagher brothers deserve, but haven’t really gotten in the music press, is that they’ve pinched a fair amount of material from the Rolling Stones.  One huge is example is “Whatever,” a song that’s a blatant rip-off of the Rolling Stones’ “I’m Free.”  You might remember that “I’m Free,” a Stones b-side, was a huge hit for the Soup Dragons back in the early 90’s.

Here are the songs.  Compare them yourselves.

Sure, Noel took the tune in a slightly different direction, but unabashedly stole the lyrics if not the spirit of the song.  The tune’s similar enough to catch the influence.