You gotta crawl before you can walk*

24 03 2009

Maybe you’ve read that I bought a bass guitar this Saturday.  Since then I’ve been “playing” it quite a bit, getting to know the instrument.  But just fooling around on the fretboard gets a little boring so I figured I would tackle a song right away.

I found the tablature for the bass for Paul McCartney’s “Coming Up” (from McCartney II) and began fiddling with it.  I could play it pretty easily, in terms of hitting the notes, but I didn’t know where the notes went in the song (which is one of the problems with tabs.)  So I dig up this video on youtube and played along with the song.  I got it right the second time through.

Look, I’m hardly bragging.  I think this song has a great little bass line in it.  It’s very funky; really sweet.  But it’s kid simple.  It’s been a nice boost of confidence to have found a cool bass line that I can actually play along with the song.

If you’re new to an instrument, start with something easy and play along with it.  You’ll feel good and enjoy yourself.


*See if you can catch the clever pun in this otherwise cliche title. 😉