Hear my now and believe me later! Seger’s Live Bullet may be the greatest ever live rock records.

22 01 2013

I’m not a particularly big Bob Seger fan, but he’s responsible for the best live record ever made.  I can only think of one live LP that might Live Bullet beat.  If the Who’s Live At Leeds ain’t the top dog, put Live Bullet at the top of the list.

Seger and The Silver Bullet Band really rocked, even with instruments I hate to hear, organ and saxophone. They were fairly to be seen as rock, blues and funk.  Lots of white boy soul.

I grew up listening to this one on 8 Track, the worst medium ever dreamed up, and really appreciate it for its sentimental value.  More than that, it’s just something helped form me in childhood in a way I couldn’t explain.

Give it a listen. You can’t go wrong!