My new baby

24 03 2009

deanbass1In the last month or so, I’ve been (re)bitten by the music bug.

20 years ago I was in love with my guitar.  I never mastered it, but I really enjoyed playing.  I managed to get good enough to play a dozen plus cover tunes in a little band.

The demands of working, grad school, relationships and getting bored with my lack of progress as a musician ultimately lead to me shelving my guitar.  For the first time in maybe 3 years, I took it out of the case and started playing again last week.

Guitar, though, will never be an instrument at which I will excel.  I lost the desire to start over with it.  At the same time, I’ve been paying lots and lots of attention to bass.  If I’m playing a CD or listening to MP3s, my ears are searching for the bass lines.  I’ve just become enthralled by what a mediocre (let alone great) bass player can do for a band’s sound.

Not wanting to buy hundreds — maybe thousands — in gear, and wanting to try out the instrument before making it a major investment, I decided I would probably get an acoustic bass.  I can sit on the living room floor and noodle with it without either blasting out the windows (if she’s amped up) or being able to hear it (if she’s unplugged.)

Our local guitar store, Blue Fish Music, had just what I was looking for: an inexpensive acoustic/electric bass in nearly perfect condition.  I didn’t get it for a steal, but I paid a fair price.

She’s my baby now.  I’m really enjoying discovering this instrument and what it can do (or what I can do with it.)  I’m massively intimidated by people that have been playing for yours.  I watch players on youtube and think, “Damn, I’ll never be able to do that.”  But then I’ll find a cool song with a simple bass line, play it a bit and feel like, “Hey, if I stick to this I could be pretty decent someday.”

Whatever comes of it, I’m enjoying myself.  It’s a great creative outlet.