The Eternal Teenager

19 04 2012

I’ll remember Dick Clark fondly for a few things:
° American Bandstand – I wasted (mostly in a positive way) lots of Saturday afternoons in the late 70s-early 80s watching the stars of the day lip sync. It was a cool show.
° $100,000 Pyramid – I loved that show and thought myself so clever that I could guess the answers without looking at the bottom of the screen.
° New Years Rockin’ Eve – It was one of my highlights as a kid when I could convince my grandma to turn off Guy Lombardo for a few minutes so I could get a bit of my generation’s music.
° Dick always seemed really likeable. If he didn’t love what he was doing, he sure hid it well.

I don’t want to remember Dick post stroke. He might have let it go on a tad long. But he was great in his prime and will be missed.




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