They played “Romeo Delight”

21 02 2012

Van Halen was in my hometown last night, playing The Palace of Auburn Hills.  I love Van Halen but, for reasons I can’t explain, I don’t feel like I missed out by not seeing the show.  Maybe I’ll catch ’em next time.

But just because I didn’t see the concert myself doesn’t mean that I don’t believe it was a noteworthy happening.  I did hear callers and emailers on WRIF this morning, and there seemed to be mixed fan reaction to the show.  Some supposed die-hards were “disgusted” by how “boring” it was and walked out of the concert after a handful of songs.  Other clowns griped about there not being a lot of “fist pumping” and “jumping” in the audience.  Still others said it was the best Van Halen show they’ve seen.

Here’s Gary Graff’s review of it.

What jumped (no pun intended) out at me the most was that Van Halen went deep into their material, playing stuff you wouldn’t expect.  Normally, the big acts play the hits, the songs they think the people want to hear.  I’m of the belief that hits at concerts are fine, but that failure to get past them often shows a lack of depth in material or lack of guts on the part of the performer.

The song in the set list that I would least have expected to hear was “Romeo Delight.”  (One of the WRIF callers, incidentally, complained about that song finding its way onto the set list.)  That’s an underrated song, one of the better tunes on Women and Children First.




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