The Axl Rose Band

2 12 2011

I didn’t see last night’s show in Detroit, so I cannot comment on it from direct knowledge.  But I have some thoughts on “Guns N’ Roses” and the show, nonetheless.

First, I have a problem with W. Axl Rose calling his current band “Guns N’ Roses.”  I know he somehow got the rights to the band name and it’s obvious that GNR would be more of a draw than probably something like “The Axl Rose Band.”  I get that.  What I don’t get is why Axl or anyone else thinks that because he’s in the band, that it’s “Guns N’ Roses.”  Paul McCartney was a driving force in the Beatles (to say nothing of an entire generation of music.)  Does he tour as “The Beatles”?  No.  Does John Fogerty tour as “Creedence Clearwater Revival”?  No.  Robert Plant tour as “Led Zeppelin”?  You get the point.

Second, why does anyone pay money to see Fake Guns N’ Roses?  Axl seems (by his actions, anyway) to care so little for the fans that he can’t be bothered to start a show anywhere near on time.  This was a huge problem back when the real GNR was still together.  The account I heard about last night’s concert was that the warm up band was done by about 9:00 and Fake GNR didn’t take the stage for another hour.  I know the roadies need time to break down the opening act’s set.   That can happen in the space of 20 minutes.  Only taking an hour to hit the stage is at least pointing in the right direction for Axl.  It beats him storming off the stage in a hissy fit.

Third, why is The Axl Rose Band trying to play large venues?  Detroit is a major rock n’ roll town.  Fake Guns N’ Roses only pulled in around 10,000, tops, at the Palace of Auburn Hills.  Many seats, by the accounts I heard on the radio, were empty or covered.  I don’t think it’s a function of the economy, either.  If Slash and Duff were in that band, GNR would probably sell out the same venue two nights.

I must say that fans I heard talk about the show on the radio this morning said that the band sounded great and played a long set.  Still, I can’t help but think that Axl being Axl has killed the Led Zeppelin of my generation.





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