Julian Lennon: a right and fitting keeper of Beatles treasures

14 11 2011

At the risk of making this yet another “Yoko Ono is the manipulating dragon lady that broke up the Beatles” kind of statement, I will say that she should be ashamed of herself for the way in which she dealt with Julian and his rights to a portion of his own father’s Estate.  Sadly, John probably loved his second wife miles more than his own flesh and blood, and it shows in what little provisions were made for him growing up.  To Julian’s credit, he’s used his own money (earned and with the “settlement” he got from Mrs. Ono-Lennon) to buy back a bunch of his dad’s stuff.  Some of the great pieces he’s gathered over the years are now on loan from Julian for display.  Good on him.





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24 11 2011
las artes

Yoko Ono has survived the death of two Beatles, is 8 years older than Ringo and 9 years older than Paul, yet she consistently manages to look and feel younger and more vibrant than them and, well, a lot of other people (especially Keith Richards). Not too bad for a strange 71 year old frizzy haired dragon lady.

28 11 2011

I think Yoko is more like 77 or 78. She’s 7 years older than John, if I recall correctly. She’s definitely made a lot of money for the Estate of John Lennon and she’s a pretty shrewd businesswoman. She’s better at making money for the estate than she is/ever has been as an “artist.” That said, Julian shouldn’t have had to buy some of his father’s stuff back from her and different auctioneers and private dealers. He shouldn’t have had to fight her for a fair settlement (whatever that means) of his portion of his father’s estate.

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