Unchained in HD

28 10 2011

I was somewhat surprised to run across a couple of Van Halen CD’s at one of the local independent record stores (Dearborn Music) that were part of the “Warner Remasters” series, Diver Down and Fair Warning specifically.  I probably, quite foolishly, assumed that there was no money in remastering and reissuing albums (on CD, as opposed to downloadable format) from the 80’s, especially albums like Fair Warning which were not massive commercial success. (It did go platinum, though.)

Arguably, recording technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last 30 years.  But albums from the 80’s were recorded on equipment far superior to that off the 60’s and 70’s (unless you think 4 track analog produces the purest of sounds.)  I wouldn’t think there would be much to gain from remastering something from 1981.

Of course, before I re-buy CD’s that I already own, I want to know I’m getting something better with the new purchase.  If this “Unchained” in HD is any indication of what the remasters might sound like, I will probably have to go out and scoop up Van Halen’s 80’s catalog.





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