If Noel Had A Gun

4 09 2011

Noel Gallagher has released the second song from his upcoming album, High Flying Birds.   “If I Had a Gun” has been floating around in demo or soundcheck form for some time.  Throughout his career with Oasis, Noel was known to write good material, shelve it for an album or two or three, and resurrect it to fill in albums or B-sides.  It appears that the new album will be full of stuff that was written in the last days of Oasis.  It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the songs we’ve heard so far sound like songs Noel might have done with the old band.

I’ve only heard 4 songs from the new album.  Two of them are ones that have been around the ‘net for a few years.  Two are the ones that have been released.  It is becoming more and more apparent that Noel’s stuff will outdo Beady Eye.  I don’t think he’ll rock as hard, but the melodies and lyrics are vastly superior… so far.  In fact, I find him much more listenable as a vocalist than Liam, whose voice is shot from cigarettes, booze and the aging process.

Here’s “If I Had a Gun”





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