Vinyl records sales still on the rise

12 08 2011

This is hardly shocking news to anyone who follows music closely.  But it is still interesting to hear repeated that vinyl records sales continue to climb.  In an age where the album as a unit is virtually dead and more and more people — including the 30 and over crowd — jokingly ask, “CD? What’s a CD?” it’s kind of cool to see an old format revived.

I’m not sold that vinyl sounds better than CD’s.  I suppose that depends on the system, the turntable, the condition of the album, the speakers and the production quality of the record itself.  But I do understand why people find records to sound more genuine.

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2 responses

31 08 2011
dorian thornley

LPs can sound better than CDs, LPs are analog and not compressed, with a good system, particularly with a good cartridge, records can achive a depth that CDs can’t. I’m not an audiophile but I know it to be true.

3 09 2011

Dorian, I know that there’s a “warmth” to vinyl that can be lacking with digital recordings. MP3s on/through cheap headphones or speakers sound like garbage.

But, in my experience, vinyl still sounds tinny on the high end of the EQ. And, of course, even with records that are in good shape, there’s still some crackle.

I have all the Beatles 2009 remastered stuff, both stereo and mono, and even on my mediocre car stereo, they sound better than any Beatles records I’ve ever heard. Admittedly, I’ve not heard the remastered vinyl.

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