14 01 2010

I’m breaking a bit of etiquette when it comes to critique or criticism.  I have some thoughts about The Stooges’ album The Weirdness and, well, those thoughts are mostly negative.  The problem is that I didn’t listen to the full album, simply because I didn’t feel like muddling through it.  I got five songs deep and had to turn it off.

It’s pretty simple.  The music is quite good but the lyrics are atrocious.  They are embarrassing.  I know that some of what made the early punk or even pre-punk stuff like the Stooges so great was that it deemphasized music as a craft, made it (again) more of a visceral experience.  Often that means throwing away the poetic, flowery words and getting right to the heart of things.  There’s a huge place in music for that approach.  The Ramones mastered that, I think.  The Stooges made amazing music that said very little.

But I felt embarrassed for Iggy Pop, 60 years old at the time this album was made, when I heard this little bit from the song “Trollin'”:

Baby, baby take a look at me
I see your long legs riding your Lee’s
I see your hair has energy
My dick is turnin’ into a tree

Offensive? No. Stupid? Yes.  Songs like ATM weren’t much better.  If you want the Stooges power, you’ll find some of that.  Otherwise, you’re better off sticking to old Stooges material and even Iggy’s solo work.




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