Have a very Beatles Christmas

17 12 2009

Available for decades only to Beatles bootleg collectors or fan club members that got their hands on the original in 1967 (or on the 1970 Christmas compilation), “Christmas Time (Is Here Again)” is the Beatles only real Christmas song.   If you didn’t have the fan club Christmas stuff or bootlegs, this was released in 1995 on the CD single (or EP) for “Free As A Bird.”  As John says in the introduction, “It’s a bouncy remix.”  The lyrics are about as simple as can be, but the song’s catchy.  It sounds like the Beatles having fun on a throw away song, which, in my view, gives it immense value.  If I’m not mistaken, the little “Auld Lang Syne” bit at the end was grafted onto it for “Free as a Bird” EP.  I do not recall that ever being part of the bootleg mixes.  If you’ve never heard it before and you like the Beatles, I think you’ll enjoy it.




2 responses

29 12 2009

“As John says in the introduction, “It’s a bouncy remix.”

Not so. He says “Interplanetary remix”

29 12 2009

Not what I hear, but we’ll go with it anyway.

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