8 10 2009

lennon #9 dream

If he were alive today, 10/9/09, John Lennon would be 69.  He was born in Liverpool England on October 9, 1940.

The number 9 turns up in a lot of things related to John, some of that, of course, was intentional on his part.  But the recurrence of the number as it relates to him is interesting. His second son, Sean Lennon, was born on his 35th birthday, 10/9/75 (happy birthday to him as well.)  His first wife, Cynthia, was born on 10/9/39.

Then there are the songs: “Revolution 9,” “One after 909,” “#9 Dream.”  John “divorced” the Beatles in September 1969.  09/09/09, of course, was the release date of Beatles Rock Band and the remastered album catalog, a happy coincidence.

Be all that as it may, today is his birthday.  I will remember this flawed but brilliant man and express my gratitude for all the wonderful music he gave us.




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