11,000 to 1

30 09 2009

Those aren’t odds, those are views of this blog from two different days.  Last week this blog had 11,188 views in one day*. Today there is 1 view.   Over the last few months I’ve been consistently getting 200 to 300 per day.  Not so far today, though, and the last few days the views have been in the 10’s.

I write because I want to write.  I have no expectation of others necessarily even liking what I have to say. [here comes the but]  But, I don’t understand how views could change that dramatically over a seven day period.  Does wordpress do things that changes traffic patterns?  Are there simply less blog surfers the last few days?  Has there been an error such that I should demand a recount?

This isn’t meant as either attention whoring or whining.  I’m just stumped.  *scratches head*

*  Most of those views were of this post. https://soundofthepounding.wordpress.com/2009/09/23/2010-rock-and-roll-hall-of-fame-nominees-announced/




6 responses

30 09 2009

11,000+ views in one day? Are you posting naked photos of Britney Spears on your blog, or are you just an interesting read? I thought five-digit hits were only reserved for the likes of Perez Hilton, but I am glad to see this is not the case.

I started blogging when I was a freshman in high school (ugh 7 years ago)… It was all about my trivial high school ramblings and how “indie” I was. As a kid, I really based my blog-success on comments and how well people related to me, but mainly just the fact that they commented on my life.

When I got to college, I decided to start an online zine on Livejournal, and it was great. I had a lot of readers. Only thing was that it was too much of a distraction from college life so I never kept it up.

Now, Im just blogging for myself (with less pressure). Honestly it is so interesting to look back on the words I wrote in high school, and the words I wrote as a freshman in college, and the perspectives and attitudes I had then. It really blows my mind at how different I was in the past and how Ive grown to become who I am now. Essentially blogging is like making a yearbook dedicated to your life and who you are. If no one reads it, it doesnt make your words and mentality less true.

30 09 2009

Thanks for the comment. I can’t explain 11K hit post. I just can’t. I wrote it and 3 hours later I had 70-some comments and 10K views. I don’t claim to be interesting enough to have that kind of readership and the post that hit that mark certainly wasn’t one I would have expected to have more than a comment or three.

Which is why I don’t get how I dropped from 11,000 views to 1 view in the span of a week. The first day I wrote in this blog I got more than 5 views.

Oh, well. I’m not worried about body counts. I’d like readers, but I’d write even if no one ever read this thing. Still, I’m baffled as to the fluctuation.

30 09 2009

Your site was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

1 10 2009

Thank you, Tnelson. I am glad you like it.

1 10 2009

I don’t know If I said it already but …Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! 🙂 I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks,)

A definite great read..Jim Bean

1 10 2009

Thanks Jimmy. So this blog has some substance? Huh. I thought I was just clearing my head, so to speak.

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