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6 09 2009
Beatles in Mono

Beatles in Mono

I’ve never heard it, but I’ll betcha there’s an old saying that goes something like, “The worst investment is the one that you don’t make.”  Why do I say that?  Well, because I was too short-sighted and frugal to pre-order the “Beatles in Mono” box set that is being released in limited quantities (10,000, apparently) on 09/09/09.

Beatles in Mono got quickly snatched up from essentially all on-line retailers.  Best Buy, Borders,, you name it, none of ’em have it.  Amazon was selling this set, which includes all the (EMI/British) albums Beatles originally recorded in mono, as well as “1965 stereo” mixes of  Help and Rubber Soul.

When I pre-ordered the Beatles remastered stereo set in early August, I assumed that the mono set would be of less interest and left it for later.  At that time there were some available and I could have bought it for $229.00, plus free shipping from  Now the only mono sets available are “imports” going for as much as $704, maybe even more.

Had I known then what I know know, I would’ve bought two (2) mono box sets, one to sell and one to keep.

Hopefully EMI/Apple will put more of these sets out.  I know that will drive down the value, but since I didn’t make the investment, I have nothing to lose, right?




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9 09 2009

Have you read the latest Rolling Stone? There’s a side article about the catalog release and McCartney said that the mono releases were the only records the Beatles themselves only cared about. They would be in the booth for the mixes of the mono versions and left the stereo mixes to Emerick. I was seriously contemplating getting the mono box but I guess that dillema has been solved.

9 09 2009

JJ, yeah, I read it. This issue was the first Rolling Stone mag I’ve bought in about 5 years. I knew the “Beatles in Mono” set was coming out but it was an after thought until I read that and a few other articles.

I was able to get my hands on a BIM box set today for a great (under list) price. I had a listen to Sgt Pepper already and it’s quite good. There are some things on it I’ve never heard before. I’m treating the box set more like a collector’s piece and simply going to listen to copies I’m going to make. I’m sure I’ll be writing about it soon.

Thanks, as always, for reading and commenting.

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