Enough is enough

4 09 2009

Now that Michael Jackson has been buried (or interred) are we still going to get hourly updates about the goings-on of his estate and crazy-ass family?  I wish this story had been buried with him.  I don’t even watch TV but it’s impossible to avoid this monster (of a story) on the internet.  Every word uttered by a Jackson clan member turns up on the ‘net.

Since we’re talking about MJ, I watched the “Thriller” video last week with my daughter and it made me somewhat sympathetic to the poor man.  But then I read about his wacky antics at the 1996 Brit awards.  His stage performance was to play a Christ figure and “heal” the sick masses of rag-laden stage dancers.  This was the performance famously interrupted by Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker running around on stage.  I know Jarvis is embarrassed by this incident 13 years later, but I’m glad it happened.  Someone had to have the balls to show Jackson and Sony just how inappropriate and sick he had become.  Good on you, Jarvis.




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