43 years ago

6 08 2009

On August 5, 1966, one of the finest albums in pop-rock history, The Beatles’ Revolver, was released.

Back in 1987, when the Beatles catalog was released on CD and Sgt. Pepper’s turned 20, the Beatles’ “Summer of Love” was thought, in retrospect, to be the Beatles’ greatest work.  Many music critics and even the Beatles’ contemporaries, reflected that Sgt. Pepper’s might arguably have been the greatest rock record ever made.  Certainly that sentiment hasn’t disappeared.

It seems, though, that in the last 10 years or so, many Beatles fans and music lovers in general have looked back on Revolver, measured it against Sgt. Pepper’s, and concluded that Revolver was the better album.  I fall into that category.  “Tomorrow Never Knows” arguably broke more ground and sounded more ahead of its time than anything on Sgt. Pepper’s, “A Day in the Life” being the lone possible exception.  The album as a whole holds up better.  Sgt. Pepper’s, though still mind-blowing in many ways, sounds like a product of its age.  If you didn’t know that Revolver was a Beatles album, and you heard it today for the first time, it might be hard for you to peg it as a product of the mid-60’s.

Whatever the case may be, it’s a classic.  I always remember Revolver’s release date since it falls on my birthday; pretty cool, I think.



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