“All Summer Long” the anthem for the State of Michigan?

31 07 2009

Has Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long” yet been named the official song for the State of Michigan? It’s only a matter of time.

Kid Rock is, no doubt, the highest profile Michigander in the entertainment world today.  Sure, Madonna’s a bigger star, but she doesn’t readily admit to being from our great state.  To hear her talk, you’d think she was born and raised near London, England.  Kid’s different.  He promotes Detroit and the State of Michigan whenever her gets a chance.  He’s proud of where he comes from, too.

The song’s also about a summer spent in “northern Michigan.”  I hear told that in bars in that part of the state, everyone yells “It was summertime in northern Michigan” when that part of the song plays on the jukebox.

It’s not exactly my favorite song.  But it’s still very popular around these parts.  I can almost invision some cornball politician bringing a bill before the state legislature to recognize the song.  Politicians these days like to pretend that they are hip and cool and that they dig rock n’ roll.

Whatever the case may be, I do appreciate Kid’s love for his hometown and his home state.  Cheers to you, Bobby.



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