Video Flashback: “In the Mood,” Robert Plant

25 05 2009

I was a little too young to know much about Led Zeppelin.  Sure, I had heard of them as a kid, but my parents weren’t fans and we didn’t have rock n’ roll radio on too much.  My mom played a lot of Linda Ronstadt, some Eric Clapton and Olivia Newton-John, together with a mish-mash of oldies and country.

Because of that, I didn’t have much of an idea of who Robert Plant was when this song came around.  I heard the song a bunch on top 40 radio and loved it.  In fact, it was one of the songs I recorded from the radio and listened to over and over.  It wasn’t until I went to my mom’s best friend’s house and we turned on MTV that I learned of the then former career of Mr. Plant.  My mom’s friend’s younger brother, about 6 years older than me, made my “cousin” and I sit still while he watched this video.  He told us who Robert was and that “Zeppelin rules!”

This is another song that I haven’t heard in years.  It has simply dropped out of the radio station.  I’m not sure why it doesn’t get played much anymore.  It beats the crap out of most of Steve Winwood’s solo work and that still finds its way onto radio.



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27 05 2009

Steve Winwood’s later stuff is really bunk, im not so humble opinion.

However, his early stuff is pure genius . . . check out Dr. Mr. Fantasy or some of his work with Traffic. Absolutely years ahead of anything anyone was doing, and very subtle lyrics, sophisticated, insightful, spiritual. (Low Spark of High Heeled Boys)

Love, love, love Percy, aka Robert Anthony Plant. Saw him live in a show with about 200 people or so in the U.K. in 2002. Was an experience not to be forgotten . . . No white boy sings the blues like Robert . . . and he is a real creative force, never being content to just bring in the big heavy metal bucks.

He was “addicted” to the Chicago blues, and it shows in every note he sang in those early years.

Great blog. I’ll have to peruse further.

28 05 2009

Poor Steve Winwood got dragged into this whole thing simply by way of comparison. I probably could have named dozens of different guys who get radio play while Plant’s work from this period gets ignored. Maybe I should have said Phil Collins 🙂

Whatever the case may be, “In the Mood,” I think, is a great song. I haven’t heard it in years.

28 05 2009
Word Bandit

Sorry about that! 🙂

I really “discovered” Traffic this past couple of years, though they’ve always been buzzed around, and just yesterday Pearly Queen was knocking my socks off anew, and I was thinking, “good grief, this man was so musically brilliant” . . . the mention just pulled an unconscious trigger, cf. your Abbey Road entry.

I’m in the mood is a great song, very catchy, good music, and commercially helped Percy as well.

Thanks for indulging me. I enjoyed perusing your site . . . and thanks for stopping my mine.

28 05 2009

I don’t think I’ve heard Traffic’s or Blind Faith’s albums all the way through, but I think Winwood was quite good. I think I had in mind more uninteresting commercial work he did later in his career like “Higher Love.”

I’ll stop by your site today. Thanks.

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