Disco Mac

20 05 2009

Somewhere in the late 70s, I lost track of what the Beatles, as individuals were doing.  Come to think of it, other than some of Paul’s mega-hits on the radio, I don’t think I knew much about their solo careers.   There’s no doubt that albums like Back to the Egg went unnoticed by me.

It wasn’t until I went to college in the late 80’s that I discovered much of McCartney’s back catalog of solo and Wings stuff.  I bought Back to the Egg on the advice of a good friend and fellow Beatles freak.  One of the first songs I really took to was “Arrow Through Me.”  It’s groove sounded perfect for unwinding with a cool autumn breeze blowing through the window and the lights low (not necessarily romantic, just relaxing.)  It’s never too late to discover old stuff.

Fast forward another 20 years and tonight, for the first time, I saw the video for “Arrow Through Me.”  I never knew there was a video for it. 




2 responses

25 05 2009

I like Mrs Vandebilt. It is a 70s song by him.

25 05 2009

Yep. Mrs. Vanderbilt ain’t half bad. Lots of his 70’s songs were good.

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