Oasis sell out! (again)

6 05 2009

I don’t get terribly bent out of shape about these things, but I am disappointed that Oasis has sold to Jaguar (or somebody) the right to use “Shock of the Lightning” in commercials.

I love that song.  In fact I named this blog after one of the lines of the song.  N0el Gallagher is certainly within his right to sell his songs as he pleases.  The cash is the obvious motivation for doing it, but I can’t imagine he’s hurting for money.

The commercial’s nice — makes the car look pretty exciting — but it just kind of spoils the grit and guts of the song.   It no longer feels like a rock tune that speaks to me.  It’s a sound bite, a hard-driving jingle.

I know Noel already did this with “All Around the World,” but it feels different with “Shock of the Lightning.”




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