A little slow on the uptake

12 04 2009

01 When I first read the news (oh boy) that the Beatles remastered albums are to be released on September 9, 2009, I only noticed the fact that the albums were being reissued in September.  The date sailed right past me.

I get it now: 09/09/09.  That’s a cool date.  It can only occur once every hundred years.  I know nothing of numerology, but maybe the number combinations have some significance.

It occurred to me last night while I was trying to sleep that 09/09/09 is a pretty good date to issue Beatles stuff.  Of course there were the songs, “One After 909” and “Revolution No. 9.”  In their club days, they played “September in the Rain.”

But September 1969 was also the month when two major things occurred in Beatles history.  First, and most importantly, they broke up.  Forget this business about their break up being “official” when McCartney announced in March 1970.  The Beatles were over by then (with the exception of one studio appearance by Paul, Ringo and George to record “I Me Mine.”)  On September 20, Lennon announced to the group he was leaving — that he wanted a divorce.  Second, Abbey Road, their final studio album, was released in Britain on September 26.

September 2009 is the 40th anniversary of the release Beatles’ swan song as well as their break up.  Seems like a perfect date to reissue their music.



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