No wonder the Capitol Years Vol. 3 was squashed.

7 04 2009

As you might have already found out — it’s all over wordpress — the Beatles are releasing re-mastered versions of their British (Parlophone) catalog this coming September.

Audiophiles have been begging for this for years.  I always though the 80s CD releases sounded pretty good, perhaps because I used to listen to the Beatles on scratchy vinyl records.  But apparently the mixes could — and will — sound better done on today’s technology.  Who am I to argue?

Capitol Records put out the Capitol Years Vols. 1 and 2 a few years back but Vol. 3 never saw the light of day.  If you’re not familiar, these were updated re-issues of Capitol’s Beatles catalog available for the first time on CD.  In essence these were the American albums through Rubber Soul.  Speculation was that the Vol. 3 was never released because the Beatles, who prefer the British catalog (for good reason) were going to re-release those in updated format.

If you like the Beatles, I think you’ll be happy with the expected output.  I have all their CDs but I think I’ll need to re-purchase everything.




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