The Dreams We Have as Children. . .

3 04 2009

noeldreamschildren1The Sunday Times in London gave away a free CD of Noel Gallagher performing live at the Royal Albert Hall in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust.  Being a Yankee, I didn’t have access to the CD but, thankfully, a couple of fantastic Brits sent me copies.

I’m a huge Noel Gallagher fan.  I love Liam, too, but I’d listen to anything Noel put out, especially if he sings.  This free CD certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Paul Weller performs two songs with Noel, “The Butterfly Collector,” an old The Jam tune, and “All You Needs is Love.”  Probably the next best song on the disk is the Smiths’ ” There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.”  I’ve never cared a whole for Morrissey, but Noel’s treatment of this song gives me a new appreciation for it.

The rest of the songs are Oasis tracks.  Except for “Wonderwall,” there are no mega-hits.  Most of the songs are a bit slower like “Sad Song” or “Don’t Go Away.”

There are backing instruments like horns and such, but the disk has an unplugged feel to it.

For a free CD, you can’t beat this.  I’m not much into live albums and unplugged stuff, but this collection is fantastic.  If you are stateside, you might be able to download the songs from i-tunes.  Maybe you can get a hold of the free CD somewhere on the ‘net.  If you can get it, do it!




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