You gotta crawl before you can walk*

24 03 2009

Maybe you’ve read that I bought a bass guitar this Saturday.  Since then I’ve been “playing” it quite a bit, getting to know the instrument.  But just fooling around on the fretboard gets a little boring so I figured I would tackle a song right away.

I found the tablature for the bass for Paul McCartney’s “Coming Up” (from McCartney II) and began fiddling with it.  I could play it pretty easily, in terms of hitting the notes, but I didn’t know where the notes went in the song (which is one of the problems with tabs.)  So I dig up this video on youtube and played along with the song.  I got it right the second time through.

Look, I’m hardly bragging.  I think this song has a great little bass line in it.  It’s very funky; really sweet.  But it’s kid simple.  It’s been a nice boost of confidence to have found a cool bass line that I can actually play along with the song.

If you’re new to an instrument, start with something easy and play along with it.  You’ll feel good and enjoy yourself.


*See if you can catch the clever pun in this otherwise cliche title. 😉




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25 03 2009

Silly Love Songs was the first thing I learned on bass. It’s pretty simple but sounds really cool. Playing it and singing at the same time…not as easy. One of the things that is great about McCartney is that he never has to “show off”. He’s a great bass player but part of his greatness lies in the fact that he always plays what’s best for the song regardless of the line’s degree of difficulty.

26 03 2009

Thanks JJ.

I could go on and on about Macca as a bass player. I think he’s thought of more as a composer/singer, but my feeling is that his musical talent has shown most in his bass playing.

I was watching a video last nite of a guy playing Paul’s bass lines from “Something” (playing with the song) and the complexity and beauty of the melody nearly made me misty-eyed.

“Coming Up” is extremely easy to play, but it has a great groove. I’ll eventually tackle something like “Silly Love Songs,” another really funky, cool bass song.

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