Lennon’s and McCartney’s rebel songs

17 03 2009

In 1972, both John Lennon and Paul McCartney responded to the civil unrest (civil war, really) in Northern Ireland, “the Troubles,” by writing their own rebels songs.  Both Britons  essentially called for Britain to withdraw from the province, McCartney being a bit more straight forward in that regard.

Characteristically, McCartney softened the message with some positivity ( “Great Britain, you are tremendous, no one knows like like me…”) but Lennon went right for the throat (“A land full of beauty and wonder was raped by the British brigand! Goddamn! Goddamn!”)

McCartney has been accused of being the more conservative of the two former partners, but it’s pretty hard to argue that the call for withdrawal from Ireland, way back in 1972, was a conservative viewpoint.

Personally, I like “Luck of the Irish” better as a song.  The tune is great.  Some of the lyrics are lazy and corny; the references to leprechauns and the blarney stone.  McCartney’s lyrics weren’t a whole lot better, but his is a pretty good rock tune.



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