Thinkin’ about takin’ up bass guitar

15 03 2009

One of my friends once told me (20 years ago), “If you can play guitar, you can play bass.”  Of course, he didn’t know how to play either.  I knew a bit of guitar then and some of it is coming back to me now that I’ve pulled the guitar out of the basement.

I really don’t have a desire to get back into heavy guitar playing.  I’m really just noodling, trying to get the fingers loose and calloused.  What I’d really like to do is learn bass.  I’ve messed around with it before but my (limited) guitar knowledge wasn’t helpful at all in playing bass.  I couldn’t do anything with the instrument.

But I want to learn to play very well.  I’m really starting to jones to get a bass.  There are a ton of great bass cover and instructional videos on youtube.  I might even take lessons (I taught myself pretty much all the guitar I ever knew.)  If I’m gonna buy a bass, I really want to know my way around and understand the instrument.

Even though guitar was always my first love, I had a few bassists as musical influences: Paul McCartney, Sting and John Entwhistle.  If I could learn some of McCartney’s melodic lines I’d be very pleased, feel very accomplished.

First things first, I need to find an instrument that feels right and sounds nice for the price.  Once that happens, I’ll plunge in head first, see how good I can get (quickly.)  Should be fun.





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