Don’t worry, brother, I got your back

11 03 2009

noel-liam_682_369718aWhatever you think about Oasis or the Gallagher brothers, you must admit that they are amazingly quotable.  I’ve read hundreds of rock star interviews over the years, including dozens of Liam and Noel interviews, and no one — I mean no one — is consistently as funny as those two.

They’re famous for their infamously rocky fraternal relationship, and one of them is always guaranteed to have something memorable to say about the other.

A few months back, both brothers were interviewed in MOJO (January 2009 issue) and the subject of Liam Gallagher’s bar fight in Munich, Germany, in which he was arrested, was raised.  Liam has denied having started the dust up and even wrote a song declaring his innocence, “Ain’t Got Nothin’.”

When asked about Liam’s innocence, Noel hilariously and characteristically responded:

I would bet my entire children’s existence that he (Liam) started it.  I’ve been in enough hotel bars with Liam to know it was him.  You can see him thinking, This is fucking dull, and then he’ll punch a waiter’s arse and there’ll be uproar.  The trouble with him and the people he hangs out with on the road is that they can’t handle their booze.  They’re not spectacularly great drunks.

Ah, Liam, it must feel great for you to know that your big brother’s got your back.  He’ll stick up for you any chance he gets.




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