Great concert, lousy charity

5 03 2009

It’s all over the news that the two surviving Beatles, Paul and Ringo, are “reuniting” for a benefit concert in New York.  The charity this concert will benefit is the David Lynch Foundation which teaches kids to meditate.

Here’ s my take.  I’m glad to see Paul and Ringo will play together live.  It’s hard to imagine that being a bad thing. But the charity, to me, is so uninspiring.  I know that Paul and Ringo are free to back whatever charities they like, but given the current economic and environmental problems facing our country (the world as a whole), I wish they were playing to raise money that would help needy folks and/or some environmental cause.  Put it this way, if I were inclined to see the show, I wouldn’t be seeing it so money could be raised for kids to meditate.  Want to feed kids with that money?  Great.  I’m there.

Maybe it’s not a contradiction, but it’s certainly interesting that Paul and Ringo were the two Beatles who were the least interested in meditation when the group was under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s spell.  Paul and Ringo were the first to leave the Maharashi’s ashram during the Beatles’ stay in India in 1968.  Now, if George were alive and raising money for this type of thing, that would make a bit more sense to me.

Whatever the case may be, hopefully the music will be made available to the public.





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