Beatles “Revolution 1” take 20 a hoax?

24 02 2009

It’s all over the ‘net.  Previously unreleased “Revolution 1” Take 20 is creating quite a stir.  I’ve read numerous blogs and articles about it and am surprised at how few people recognize what it is.

This first part is nothing more than the version of “Revolution 1” that found its way onto the White Album sans the electric guitar licks.  There’s additional studio chatter in the beginning of the song.

What is unique about is how “Revolution 1” bleeds into “Revolution 9.”  Surprisingly, a lot of fans (casual observers, perhaps) don’t recognize that the loops are lifted straight from “Revolution 9.”  There’s nothing new in the loops as far as I can tell.

The world awaits confirmation as to the authenticity of this take.  My belief, and I could be wrong, is that this is nothing more than a mash-up done by an audio-savvy fan.  There are a lot of great song mash-ups out there, and this sounds like one of them.

One of the reasons I believe this is not the take in the form in which it was recorded or mixed by the band is that Beatles fans have dig up damn near everything the Beatles done in the studio.  So many bootlegs of their session work exist and have existed for decades.  How is it that this missing take 20 mix stayed hidden for 41 years?  I think this would have found its way onto the Anthology series had it been an authentic Beatles mix.

We’ll see what the surviving Beatles have to say about it, hopefully in the next few days.




2 responses

28 02 2009

well, there was a recording of take 20, very poor quality as it was a monitor mix with Yoko talking upfront, cirulating on the net, and that was released on the “from kinfaun to chaos” bootleg. Purple Chick assembled the track, and it sounded quite like that newly surfaced take. What makes me wonder, is the quality of the material that surfaced. The cd in which you can find the cd contains other Beatles track from the same period, some with spectacular quality, but how could we be sure from the origin of those tracks ? The version of Dear Prudence sounds a lot like an outfake to me, the mono version with intrumental parts mixed within and an ending cut and paste from something else… Which brings me to think that Revolution take 20, mysteriously appearing long after the John Barrett Tapes and so on is possibly also a fake.

28 02 2009

I don’t know how to explain it, but it just seems too clean or too finished to be a real take.

There again, some folks that know a lot more than me think it’s real.

Thanks, Gootsy, for the comments. I’m going to check around, see if I can find Yoko’s tapes.

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