An example of trying too hard

23 02 2009

There is little else better in popular music than mind-bending lyrics.  Writers that can paint beautiful pictures with words always catch my ear, even if I don’t necessarily care for their music.

Lyrics really are works of art.  The question is whether or not any given set of lyrics are bad or good art (which is obviously largely a matter of taste.)

I’m turned off by lyrics that are too ambitious, that strain to pound home a message or that are too saturated with imagery.  It’s nearly impossible to quantify something like that.  It’s more of a matter of “I know it when I hear it.”

An example I keep running across is “The Glory of the Atom” by Ani DiFranco.  Just on paper, the lyrics are quite clever.  But they are preachy and arrogant, almost smarmy.  They are almost too artsy, if that can be said.  I can’t explain it better than to say the song drives me bonkers because the lyrics are just too much to take.  It’s like looking at a painting made of all neon colors.  The image might be beautiful, but one can only look so long before one’s eyes start to hurt.

Judge for yourself.




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