I don’t get Coldplay

10 02 2009

Right now, Coldplay might be the biggest “rock” band in the world. I can see that they are talented guys that make pretty decent music. (Some of you will scream that’s an understatement, but that’s about as far as I’m willing to go.)

I know what people like about them but they just don’t reach me. I find them a little too subdued or something. Whatever that might lack, that is the thing that other bands have that move me. There’s no “ummph” or “spark” or something. I wish their music did something for me because I think they put out a quality product.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe they are too polished and packaged. No, they’re not like the boy bands of the 90’s or the Disney stars of today, but they are very very safe. Coldplay doesn’t seem to want to challenge anyone for risk of offending the audience. I could have it all wrong, but that’s the vibe I get: no vibe at all.

The best description for Coldplay that I’ve ever heard is “Radiohead-lite.”

I wish them well, though.




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