Noel on my hometown, Detroit Rock City

8 02 2009

From a recent interview with one of the Detroit newspapers in the run-up to the December 13, 2008 show

The Fox Theatre.

Yeah, that was a really great night. We always have a great night in Detroit — after the gigs, d’ya know what I mean. There’s always weird and wonderful and clever and interesting people in the dressing room. It’s a nice place to play, we feel at home there. It’s not too dissimilar from Manchester.

You say that to everybody.


Or don’t you

Well, I don’t say that to people in Tokyo, do I? That’s not a (bleep) at all like Manchester, is it? (Detroit) is a working-class town, d’ya know what I mean; and it’s seen better days, that kind of thing. And all of the music that comes out of Detroit, from the Stooges to MC5, to the electronic stuff in the ’80s, the house music, up to Jack White and the White Stripes, it’s always cool as (bleep). Always. It’s uncanny. Like Manchester.

I love his spirit and attitude. I think he makes Oasis arguably the best band of the last 20 years.




One response

9 02 2009

i remember reading this interview and it made my day basically.

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