Video flashback: Van Halen’s “(Oh) Pretty Woman”

21 01 2009

I remember catching a bit of “America’s Top 10” (with Kasey Kasem) one Saturday morning and an excerpt of this video was playing.  Until I found it on youtube a few months back, I had not seen the video before or since.  From what I can gather now from the ‘net, Van Halen hit no. 9 with this song for the week of April 17, 1982.

The video is pretty cheesy.  It borders on tastelessness, but it’s also funny in a very campy way.  This was back in the good ole days of objectifying women in music videos.  It’s mostly harmless fun, but would probably never be played on MTV these days (not because MTV has standards, but because it’s politically incorrect.)

I love the noisy guitar intro. Those are the kinda sounds I used to like to get out of my guitar when I played.  Eddie’s the man.




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