The best band no one talks about: The Fratellis

16 01 2009

A few weeks ago I stumbled on the Fratellis 2008 release, Here We Stand, at our local library and I fell in love with on one listen.  I think it’s as good as anything I’ve heard in the last 2 or 3 years (which is saying a lot since one of my favorite bands, Oasis, just put out  Dig Out Your Soul.)   I highly recommend that.

I started digging for info on the Fratellis and it seems that critics raved about Costello Music, their 2006 debut LP.  Here We Stand’s reviews seem to be a tad less warm.  If Costello Music is better than Here We Stand, it must be fantastic, or so it would seem.

In trawling the web about these guys, it seems like no one is really talking much about them outside of Britain.  Even in Britain, in my opinion, they’re not getting the press they deserve.

Decide for yourself.  Their big “hit” from their first album is Chelsea Dagger.  Check this song out and try to convince me they don’t have a great sound, a great, fun rock vibe.



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