Brit music rags are the best

13 01 2009

I remember when Rolling Stone magazine was the source for music and entertainment news. It used to be the magazine with the best interviews with the biggest stars. I’m not going to put out a laundry list of gripes about it, but simply stated, Rolling Stone magazine sucks. It’s a biased political piece of pulp that covers the least interesting (but biggest selling) artists of the day. It’s People magazine for music and movie fans. I can’t think of any American mags that are much better. Entertainment is good for movies, but it’s a lousy music mag.

If you want the best cover-to-cover coverage of today’s cutting edge (largely British) artists, as well as detailed looks-back at the best music of the past, you need to get subscriptions to Mojo and Q. There simply aren’t magazines that do what they do.

I wouldn’t have a clue about any of the bands that have come out the last 3 or 4 years if I didn’t get those magazines. I love them particularly because they frequently cover Oasis. Their interviews of the Gallagher brothers are fantastic. Oasis has drawn me in, but reviews of releases, new and old, have vastly expanded my musical knowledge and tastes.

One of annoying traits common to American mags is the continuous stream of ads. Most magazines here, including Rolling Stone, are 65% ads, 35% content (my rough estimate.) Q and Mojo have plenty ads, but they are largely for shows or new releases. You’ll not see ads for tampons or zit cream in those magazines. But if you live in Britain, you’ll know where to find the Fratellis playing on their current tour.

I’ve linked Mojo’s and Q’s websites to my blogroll. Their online content is wonderful and mostly free (at least everything I’ve looked at is free.)

If you love music, check out Q and Mojo. They are sold at Barnes and Noble and Borders and similar book stores. They are a bit pricey but you can probably save a few bucks an issue with a subscription.



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