Classic Police, live in France, 1980

7 01 2009

There are hundreds, maybe thousands (I didn’t count), old videos on youtube of the Police performing live.   These two jumped out at me.  Both are from the same show in France in 1980.  At this point, they were one of the best bands in the world, both live and in the studio.

I like the quality of the video and performance of “Driven To Tears.” There are better Police songs, but this really shows what a great band they were live.

“De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da” didn’t go off quite as well.  Sting lost it after a fan threw mud and others later spit at him.  Watch his reaction!  The young Sting was obviously a much angrier man than we would expect of the older tree-hugging-eight-hours-of-tantric-sex-having guy we’ve come to know. (Not that I blame him.)  This video is great!




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