The best Beatles songs you’ve never heard (sort of)

6 01 2009

beatlesbarWith the release of the Anthology series over a decade ago, dozens of Beatles songs that were found almost exclusively on bootlegs were made available to the public (with vastly improved sound quality.)  Nearly 40 years since their split, there’s not much left that people, especially fanatics, haven’t heard.

There are a bunch of songs, though, that you never hear on the radio or that you wouldn’t know unless you had Anthology 1-3 or Live at the BBC.  Let’s face it, the average person that really likes the Beatles has never heard some of these “deep cuts.”

Leave My Kitten Alone (Anthology 1)

Cry For a Shadow (instrumental on Tony Sheridan record and Anthology 1)

Too Much Monkey Business (Chuck Berry cover, Live at the BBC)

I’ll Be on My Way (Live at the BBC)

Youngblood (Live at the BBC)

Memphis (Chuck Berry cover, Live at the BBC)

Bad To Me (I’ve only heard this on a vinyl bootleg, Vinyl to the Core)

Lonesome Tears In My Eyes (Live at the BBC)

Sheik of Araby (Anthology 1 from their Decca Records audition)

Ain’t She Sweet (Anthology 1 from their recording with Tony Sheridan)

If You Got Trouble (Anthology 2)

That Means A Lot (Anthology 2)

Strawberry Fields Forever (Take 7 & edit from Anthology 2)

Got To Get You Into My Life (“somehow, someway”)(Anthology 2)

Helter Skelter (bluesy version from Anthology 3)

While My Guitar Gently Weeps (acoustic from Anthology 3).  I like this one much better than the White Album version.

Cry Baby Cry (Anthology 3 version)

Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues (Anthology 3)

You Know My Name (Look up the Number) (either the Anthology version or the b-side)

This is hardly an exhaustive list.  But, to me, these are the best of the other Beatles songs or alternate takes.

Add to this list the entire Let it Be…Naked album, which is a major improvement over the Phil Spector-produced 1970 release (the one we’ve all known for decades.)




2 responses

9 01 2009

Live at the BBC is greatness! It really gives you a feel for how great the Beatles actually were live. I disagree with you about Naked. I bought it (because I buy everything Beatles) but didn’t think it was anything special.

9 01 2009

Thanks, jj. Reasonable people can differ on Let It Be Naked. I understand why some might not be in love w/it. Forget stripping away all of Phil Spector’s overdubs. LIBN, having been mastered with the latest technology, sounds better, cleaner than the Let It Be disc. At least I think it does.

You’re right. Live @ the BBC is greatness! Really really good stuff on that set. Too bad it was only a double disk set. The Beatles did enough BBC stuff for a 4 disc set.

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